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utorrent slows down network connection


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I am running the latest build of utorrent 1.8.4 on windows xp sp3. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. After that point every time utorrent is active, my network connection slows down considerably, to the point that even loading a page in the local network (e.g. me router's config page) takes ~15-20 seconds!!! If I exit utorrent, or even if I pause all torrents, and wait a few seconds, everything goes back to normal, and all pages load speedily. Local LAN pages load in the blink of an eye. My network cards/cables/switches are all gigabit, and I have limited utorrent to 500kb/sec down and 50kb/sec up, so it is unfathomable that such slow traffic would congest my gigabit network. And indeed there were no problems until a few days ago.

I should also add that utorrent does not seem to affect the speed of moving files across the network using windows explorer. However, web pages load very slowly from all sites (including LAN) and using all web browsers (I tried firefox, ie and safari). Additionally, loading pages hosted on the machine running utorrent from other computers on the network does not present any problems; indeed utorrent's own web interface loads very speedily from other PCs on the LAN. In contrast, trying to load utorrent's webui from the local host itself takes ages, like any other web page! As far as I know I changed nothing in these last few days, other than running the registry clean up utility of ccleaner. I changed no settings in utorrent.


Solved it myself...

It seems, although I had increased my half-open tcp limit to 50, and despite having the half-open utorrent setting at the default of 8, the actual number of half open connections exceeded 50. According to tcpz, there were more than 50 half-open connections maintained by the eset suite. The number of these connections drops when all torrents are stopped, leading me to believe that they are somehow related to the utorrent activity, despite the utorrent limit of 8 half open connections. This problem did not exist until recently, making me think that it was created by some recent update to the eset suite that was installed automatically. Increasing the tcp half open limit to 2000 solved my problem. Although now I am considering changing my security suite.

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