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how to change scrape times/reduce the number of database enquiries


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I have a problem in that each of the torrents I am seeding on a particular tracker are hitting the database every minute instead of every half hour. This is causing an unsustainable load on that database as the problem also affects other people. Does anyone have any idea why this would be so? The scrape time appears to be every half an hour. Is there a way I can check or change this? What might be causing someone's client to hammer a tracker database in this way?

There's a 'ask the tracker for scrape information' check box in preferences/bit torrent. Does turning that off cut the database enquiries without removing the ability to seed or download?

Any clues would be gratefully received, thanks


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I'm glad I found this thread, as I am the owner of the tracker that joanne is talking about.

I've been assured by the lead programmer of the tracker software that multiscraping has been supported by the tracker code from day one.

This issue hasn't started until recently, so I seriously believe it is not multiscraping.

That said, some of our users who are helping with the troubleshooting have found this:

uTorrent 1.8.2:

start torrent: Minimum Interval = 15 min; Default Interval = 30 min

after announcing at the 30 min mark: Minimum interval resets to 30 seconds; Default Interval resets to 17 minutes

after announcing at the 17 minute mark: no change to 30 sec and 17 min intervals.

At this point, had to let sister use her own PC and was offline for a couple hours.

Came back, torrent clocks had reset to 15 min and 30 min.

Had 2 minutes to go to the announce. Client announced -- and clocks immediately reset to 30 seconds and 17 minutes, respectively.


This has appeared in all uT versions 1.8.x at minimum.

uT appears to be overriding all the tracker intervals to some funky scheme.

The settings in uT do not match the numbers being selected either, and appear to be present for my tracker alone, as they work fine on every other tracker.

I can attest that my announce code has not been altered in at least a month before the problem occurred, and nothing was changed code-wise when the problem did occur.

To our end, it appears that uT is screwing things up.

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