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Pause other torrents until one is finished


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Hi there,

I have got a suggestion for a new feature. Basically the title says it all. You should have an option in the context menu, that says "Finish this torrent first" or something like that. It should pause all other torrents until the selected one is finished.

You probably all know the problem. Usually you download several torrents at the same time, but sometimes there is one special file you want to finish as soon as possible. So you pause all other torrents and continue when the file ist finished. But you have to check the status of the download all the time, because you need to continue the others manually. I often forget to do that, so my other torrents take way more time to download, since my line is idle when the first torrent is completed. This is where the new features comes in!

I have seen this feature as a plugin for Azurueus, but cant remember the name. It should be fairly easy to implement, but my developer skills are quite limited. :-)

Maybe you have the same problem, and want to see such a feature as well?!

I would really appreciate such a feature in the next version. Looking forward to your feedback!

Yours, Marison

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