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Help with opening ports PLEASE HELP!!


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Alright, I should be getting 100 + KB/S, but i'm only getting that occationally, and most of the time, it's just around 36 KB/S. My port isn't open, and on portforward my router isn't listed. It's a Belkin N150, F6D4230-4 v2. My port is 31278. I have UPnP port mapping, NAT-PMP port mapping, and add windows firewall exception enabled. I do not have randomize port at each start enabled. I can only connect to like 24 seeds, and 40-50 some peers. I tried to find how to open a port, I went to the router's IP adress, and I couldn't find ANYTHING. I'm pretty new to downloading torrents, so please explain it in the lamest terms you can. Thanks for any help. PS: It's not my internet being gay, becuase when I download something else, (without utorrent) I get 150 + KB/S. PSS: I have utorrent v.1.9 beta.

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