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Sudden BOOST of speed when unlimiting the Bandwidth? HOW & WHY?


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It was a pleasure switching to Utorrent after AZ Vuze, i like the interface and low resource it requires and i m liking it a lot.

To get to he point, i use a ADSL 128kbps (16KBps), i have noticed that when i limit my speed lets say to 6KB/s when i browse and then unlimit the bandwidth there is a sudden boost of speed which goes all the way up to 60+KBps and it wonder how this happens, coz according to the calculation the max would / should be 16KBps but the thing is it doesn't say 60, after a while it drops slowly and falls back to 14-15KBps. My question is there a way to keep it up to that speed (60KBps), i am sure there must be a way but its just that i don't know how. It would be nice if someone showed be how i can keep up the speed.

Thanks and hope to see some helpful post, thanks again :)

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Your ISP's speed limiting (throttling) method is just a little slow to adapt. You can't KEEP your speed high. Test with uTorrent's max speed (upload? download?) is set to 20 KB/sec and see how well that runs. If it's stable, adjust that number upwards until it's unstable...then reduce back to stable amounts.

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Mine does this too I searched for throttling posts, but couldnt find none til now...

here is my post... maybe a moderator can merge it...


As you can see, when i limit dls to really slow, then set to unlimited... they jump up to huge monster speeds...

Theres got to be a way to get around this and take advantage of those high speeds? isnt there?

maybe a setting, or an app/software,

I always thought i could go outside and mess with the cable connection..

because on our cable, the guy comes over, and messes with the cords outside(or maybe a box) when they take off or add pay channels...

so i thought maybe this would work for unlimiting the speed on the cable internet also..

our tv and internet come from the same cable

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