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Regarding Error: The semaphore timeout period has expired


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I've read a lot of threads regarding this error in this forum, I've got the same error and here is my symptoms: I've got it only wnen I try to download large files and only at begining of download process: for 4GB files this error arises only sometimes. For files larger than 8GB it happends almost always. I always save files to network drive I've got 1Gbit local network and I've got 65MB/s tranfer speed if i copy regular file so don't reply me that it's network problem.

Here is my explanation of this problem:

It's likely that it's really hardware problem only for some users, for others this problem is solveable. I belive that this problem is caused by lack of the transer speed (i.e. long cables, bad network commectivity etc.). So how it happends: User starts to download large file. utorrent decided to download part of it in the midle or at the end of the file. Wnen the write cache is full it tries to write down that part to the desired file location. At this time system (windows) have to write not only that small part but to fill all the data before it with a blank space. Of course HDD of network can't tansfer that amount of data instantly it takes some time. And if user got slow transfer speed this timeout arises.

Recommendation for regular users how to solve this problem:

Just wait and restart that torrent. Wait untill hdd led stop shine constantly and then restart that torrent. Sometimes you have to restart torrent more than once it depends on the size of the file, transfer speed, load of the target device etc.

Recommendation for developers:

For a large files don't pick midle or final part of the file at the begining of download process, just pick part near the begining, for example 100MB offset, than pick 200MB offset etc. Ideal solution is to benchmark target device and pick the part of the file in accordance with benchmark results. Moreover It's possible to increase that timeout but i can't find a way how to do it, may be you'll find out.

Thanks for your great product and effords!

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