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Too many pieces


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I watch very slow running torrent. It's running more then a week now. There are around 6 peers and one seed (it was never connected to my client at all, very strange). Currently I've downloaded about 60% of 1.5GiB torrent. It's a couple or percent more then I see in torrent's "Availability" column in main window. (???) At the time all of the peers have downloaded a bit less then that 60% too.

What I've discovered is that if I look at Pieces tab - there is almost 70 pieces uncompleted and they all have "Availability" == 0.

Why is that? Is that normal?

The strange thing, I think, is - the swarm is almost the same. Some peers obviously have started downloading those uncompleted pieces and somehow stopped. And now I see that availability to complete all of them is '0'... Why did they start uploading the piece at all?

I have to admin that during the last week I've stopped the torrent several times (while shutting down computer), but always resumed its run later. I guess that it may contribute to those "abandoned?" pieces, or may be not...

Should I worry or do something about it?

Posted: 2009-10-02@15:37:54


Second post (6 hours later):

Since I've posted my message torrent got additional 15 pieces with status "Availability" = '0'. Now total number of unfinished and unavailable pieces is around 85. BTW, swarm contains the same participants, providing average download speed is 1.0 KBps total.

Why uTorrent 1.8.4 is collecting new pieces that can't be completed?

Is the goal of uTorrent to download "blocks" instead of "completed pieces"? I thought that uTorrent should focus on downloading completed pieces first, rather then downloading just random blocks...

Each piece is 2MiB. It means that statistically uTorrent has downloaded 85 * 2.0 MiB * 0.5 = around 85 MiB of data that is invalid (can't be completed). It creates discrepancy between "Data" column (64.3%) and "Availability" column (0.601) - meaning that, while uTorrent has downloaded 64.3% of data, actually available is only 60.1% of that...

Posted: 2009-10-02@21:26:00

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