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Utorrent 25kbps vs Bitcomet 660kbps


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As the topic states, my utorrent speed is very slow and I can't understand why.

I've configured it perfectly or so I think, the port is forwarded fine, its the same port as bitcomets. I've been testing with the same torrent too switching between clients. The major difference I notice is in the number of DHT nodes, Bitcomet shows 1400 nodes where Utor shows 250 nodes.

If anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated, as I HATE the way Bitcomet lags my computer and Ive always used Utorrent in the past, just not recently.

Settings are:

No Upnp

No Nat

Max upload 60

Mad DL 0

Global max connections 230

Max number of connections per torrent: 80

Max upload slot per torrent: 4

DHT Enabled

Local Peer Discovery Enabled

Ask tracker for scrape info enabled

Enable peer exchange

Protocol Encryption: Enabled

Allow incoming legacy connections: Enabled

Again the port is forwarded fine, and the green checkmark is there.

Thanks in advance

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Was looking over the Speed problem forums because I was having trouble myself. So here is a bit of advice from a newbie who has been doing some research. Firstly see if you can enable NAT. I found it near impossible to download if NAT, whatever that is, wasn't doing whatever it is that it does. Secondly, speed seems to depend on the seeders, no matter what program you use. If there are few seeds and they have set their upload speed to low, there is nothing you can do to increase your speed.

So get your NAT working, make sure it is getting through your firewall. Turn on the download and just leave it to do it's work. You will eventually get the download. If you want to check that you will eventually get it, check the number of seeds, below two and you might never finish the download. If there are no seed and you want the download you still might be able to get it from peers if they have the pieces that you are missing. But it will be slow going and not guarenteed.

I once downloaded 550 books in 2 minutes in one download, but I have also been waiting for 6 weeks for one download to finish.

Patience is the key.

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