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Utorrent says my port is forwarded but I don't think is.


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Hi all, I've been using utorrent for quite some time. It's been about 2 years now since I've forwarded and done other "optimizations" to Utorrent. Recently I've noticed that my speeds have dropped a little. So I changed my port to 32450 and redid all my settings on the router page. (BTW I live in France and I have an Orange Livebox which isn't on Portforward.com but I've worked how to forward ports on my own). Anyways, I turn on Utorrent and I check the logo at the bottom. Yup, it's green, yay. I wait for 30 mins for my speed to get to it's max. I found that I hit 70kB/s which for me isn't alot cuz I can get speeds up to 300kB/s easily. The problem is not to do with S/L ratio, the torrent that I'm DLing is 100S/500L. So, I check to see if my port is forwarded. I double click on the green logo and it says on new window that my port is 32451 which is not true as the one I set is 32450, even the Internet window says that it's 32451.

Any one know what the problem is?

I set my static IP outside my DHCP range could that be causing it?

Thx, Mojito

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