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Comodo fireall with utorrent


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Hello all.

Alot of people told me that Comodo firewall is way better than Zonealarm so iv'e decided to move (:

Anyway, i have a problem config the firewall so it will work well with utorrent.

Iv'e seen the thread http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=7862

Added this rules, but still there's a problem. went into logs and then i saw that rule number 5 (there's like 5 rules that comes with the software) is blocking it.

The rule is nubmer 5:

Block and log

Protocol: IP

Direction: in/out

Source ip: Any

Sestination ip: Any

Ip details: ip protocol: ip

When i disable it, it's works like a charm. why and what to do?



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Well, all the rules are supposed to be Allow, not Block and log or anything so..

[RULE 5]
Action ............ : Allow
Protocol .......... : TCP or UDP
Direction ......... : In
Description ....... : Port [YOUR PORT] [IN] (TCP/UDP)
Source Address .... : Any
Destination Address : Any
Source Port ....... : Any
Destination Port .. : (A Single Port) [YOUR PORT]

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