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lost all files on my desktop


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Just wanted to let you know about a bug in the latest release of uTorrent Mac.

I was browsing my home folder through a dock stack (in grid mode). By mistake, I dragged my "Desktop" folder onto the main uTorrent window.

Suddenly, all files on my desktop disappeared. I thought, no panic, uTorrent moved the files somewhere else, I'll just find where they are and I'll restore them. I made a search using Spotlight, it didn't find the files. Through the console, I tried the unix "find" utility; no success either. The files were nowhere to be found, not even in the trash. In the message log, it said there was an error opening "Desktop" because it was not a file (something like this). Sadly, I just lost all files that were on my desktop :(

I tried with another "regular" folder, the behavior was slightly different, the contents of that folder was moved to the trash, this time. For some reason, the Desktop folder acts different.

Thought you might be interested in this problem... Thanks for listening.

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The problem occurs with uTorrent (15399) and also 0.9.2 (16725). I'm running Snow Leopard (10.6.1).

It is 100% reproducible on my machine. Dragging a folder onto uTorrent moves that folder to the Trash. Dragging the Desktop folder onto uTorrent permanently deletes the contents (nothing in the Trash). Anything you'd like me to try?

Anybody else tried it? Be careful, make a copy of your desktop files before...

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