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1.8.3 seeding performance-coding


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The last few versions all perform really badly seeding.

I have tweaked and tweaked the options and I found something really funny

I am seeding 5 torrents alternate speed 102k and max 102k and achieving 85k over 1/2 hour

I then set my max UL only to 30

over the next 1/2 hr I achieved 40-50k

and I repeated this with the same results...

I think the wrong upload limits are being referenced (at times)for the current client state; DL or seed



The 1.8.4 seems to fix

although the default setting for xx/1mbit

are not the best ....heres what I used

800 conn

200 per torrent

25 connect seeds (will max the upload ... 3-4 torrents of course)

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