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Red Circle of Death on Ethernet Connection?


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I'm running Vista 32-bit home premium with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, using utorrent 1.8.3. Kaspersky knows utorrent is an allowed program so this isn't the problem. I have windows firewall disabled.

Utorrent worked fine for me at my parents using their wireless connection on a Belkin router, but now I have moved away to university and am on an ethernet connection, (Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)) for some reason I have the red circle of death. Portforward told me my ports weren't forwarded properly, but does not offer support for those NOT using a wireless connection. Can anyone tell me how to forward ports on an ethernet connection, and if this is actually what i need to do.

In windows, looking at Internet connection status>properties>configure tells me that TCP and UDP are both Rx and Tx enabled, that that helps.

Utorrent doesn't not work completely, it just only reaches speeds of around10kb/s. Speedtest tells me I have a download speed of 5096kb/s. Can anyone help?

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i've already configured it to the new speed results... surely i must be getting some incoming connections if i can download, albeit very slowly? i'm currently on 3.4 kb/s. when i purchased the internet connection it was advertised as allowing peer to peer connections as opposed to the slower, cheaper connection that wasn't.

switeck, i tried disabling UPnP, NAT-PMP LPD, DHT and Resolve IPs and set

bt.connect_speed to 1, and Lower net.max_halfopen to 2, and also selected forced encryption outgoing, and disabled legacy connections incoming. if anything this made it all quite a bit slower.

i also reset the connection settings- took my upload down to 5kb/s, global maximum down to 10, maximum number of peers to 10 and upload slots to 1 and this didn't make much difference either.

test on glasnost told me that my ISP is not throttling or manipulating torrents.

anymore suggestions?

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