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Private tracker offline only through a specific connection


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Hello All,

I know a similar topic would have been posted hundreds of times earlier, and I've browsed through most of them but couldn't find an answer related to exactly my issue.

Few days ago I changed my home connection to DSL. Earlier i was using broadband.

DSL is connected to an ADSL modem/router (SMC 7901WBRA2) and has wireless support. I use a Compaq laptop to connect to the internet through wireless.

Now when I open uTorrent and try to download through that private tracker (emp*****.us), it always comes OFFLINE (TIMED OUT). The strange thing is, when I use my laptop at work the private tracker works fine (my workplace also has wireless network, coming through a DSL). I also took my laptop to a friend's place and it downloads fine through that private tracker.

I dont know whats wrong with my home DSL that it particularly doesnt download through that tracker. Rest of the public trackers works fine on my home DSL.

After going through alot of forums, i got to know that I should set a static IP to forward my port. So i went to my SMC router settings and have assigned a static IP to my laptop and also a specific port. Now i am getting a green tick mark in my uTorrent which means that port forwarding is ok.

I have also disabled DHT, uPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping. I have enabled Outgoing protocol encryption. But still no luck.

Could anyone please advise what else could be done to fix this issue.

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