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migrate torrent queu from utorrent in xp to utorrent in wine?


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Hey, I know this may not be the forum to post this, but it's closer to troubleshooting than anything else I could think of.

I have an existing utorrent install in an XP virtual machine, that I'd desperately like to migrate to utorrent in wine. I've gotten utorrent 2.0 beta going fine in wine, and it's downloading any new content I add - but I other than adding each torrent manually, i'm having troubles migrating the existing queu and torrent list to the new instance.

I've tried copying the Application Data\uTorrent\* to the appropriate folder for wine. I've even gone so far as to copy all the .dat files with it, resulting in the uTorrent 2.0 beta in wine to see the list of torrents but give a 'can not open torrent' error. I've tried dropping them in a folder and telling utorrent to auto-open them from that path, but either that's not working so hot in wine right now, or it's ignoring them as they don't get added to the library for download.

Is there a simple and obvious way to migrate an existing / active torrent queu to a new utorrent install that I'm missing? Even if the advice isn't linux specific, if there's something I'm missing, I should be able to adapt it.

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