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Auto-label new torrents based on monitored-folder subfolders


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Sorry in advance to the moderators if this request has already been made previously.

The functionality I am requesting is as follows:

Automatically label torrents based on which subfolder the torrents are loaded from when automatically loading torrents from a given folder. E.g. :




I have a share named "Torrents" on my server that is monitored by a uTorrent instance. Upon completion of the download uTorrent moves to files to a "completed" folder and appends the label.

Currently this requires more user interaction than I would prefer: first put the download in the share, then use the WebGUI to give the torrent a Label. Since the server has a very fast connection this means that sometimes the user isn't quick enough between storing the torrent and giving it a label, resulting in the torrent completing and moving to the default folder instead of the "labeled" folder.

Is something like the above solution possible in a future build (or is it already)?

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