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Help! 70 torrents listed as "downloading", but only 5 active at a time


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Hi folks, my first post... all help appreciated.

Here's my problem, for several days now, I have many torrents listed as "downloading" (70+), but very few will be active at the same time (approx 5).

A torrent will finish downloading, and then another one will become active, almost as if they're queued or something (Note: my max number of active torrents is set to 200)

Most of the torrents that are listed as "downloading" are at 0%, and so have not even started. (Forcing a torrent to start has no effect)

All the torrents were very healthy when I added them to utorrent (I only picked torrents with many seeds and many peers).

So availability shouldn't be the problem. [Note, to prove this I deleted a finished torrent that had downloaded swiftly, re-added it to utorrent but it failed to get above 0% when listed as "Downloading"]

My "Bandwidth" and "Queueing" preferences are all set high (nothing particularly restrictive).

In the status bar at the bottom of the screen, my network is shown as "OK" and working as it should (green tick symbol).

Anyone got any help or advice?



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