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trouble seeding


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Hello. I have a little trouble with my seeding i need to ask about, it's not the speed but rather the seeding itself. i have about 400~ish torrents in my utorrent list wich is downloaded from 2 private trackers only. all torrents has about 40 peers on them each but im not uploading to more then like 2-3 torrents in total for about 20-40K. why is this ? i took 5 random torrents that is in my utorrent list on the computer with this problem and put them on another computer in my home and they instantly started seeding in full speed, anyone know what my problem may be ? why im uploading to so few people when i have aboutt 400 torrents with so many peers on each that is.

im using 1.8.3

Edit: even if i turnoff all torrent and just put on like 20 it's the same thing.

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