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Umonitor iphone Help!!!!!


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I'm Tring to access My Utorrent Web Ui From a outside Iphone on 3g.

I've Created a dyndns.org . And ive entered it on the iphone app as : http://****.dyndns.org/gui It's coming with Network Problem ,,, Error – Timed Out

I've already have a Static IP Address and my Utorrent is already Port Forwarded on port 8080

What do I need on My Netgear router to get this working ?

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Quote :

Does your account have the correct IP address on record?

Yes.. it's link to the ****.dyndns.org

Can you connect using just the IP Address?

Yes.. it works using my internal ip address...which is

http://****.dyndns.org:8080/gui Tryed this and I get a

Network Problem

There's Something Wrong Evaluating

the JSON answer from the server.

Either check the settings or contact the developers!

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