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labeling completed downloads should reflect in the filesystem


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currently, assigning labels to completed downloads does not move the actual data anywhere, it seems logical that if a user checks the "append the torrent's label" option and then reassigns the label for a specific torrent the files should move accordingly...

something that often happens to me is that i forget to label a torrent before it is finished or in the case of a really small file there is not enough time to label it before it is done :)

so i would like to be able to move torrents from the "No Label" label to one of my labels and have uTorrent automatically move the files to the appropriate subdirectory (something which doesn't take a significant amount of time since the moving is always done on the same drive and partition).

i've searched the forums and saw people asking for similar things, but didn't really find a reason for not implementing this feature...

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I made a similar request previously.

However my request also involved auto-labeling torrents based on sub-folders in a .torrent monitored folder.

That way, on a headless server, the user merely needs to place a torrent in the appropriate sub-folder (say Torrents/TV) .

Somethings like this would be great! Several other requests similar to mine and yours have been made, so there is a demand ..

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+1 .. sorely needed, everyone wants this, uTorrent does download and manage files so don't try to tell me it's not supposed to manage files (ridiculous), not everyone uses the dialog box to the face torrent add approach (for ex. Firefox's torrent extensions)

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