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Upload speed suffering with Upgrade - why?


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My story short.

I was running v1.5 until now (good enough for my needs), but many sites outdated this version, so I decided to upgrade to the latest stable one - 1.8.4.

Well, without changing any default settings download and upload speeds (all checked on private tracker) decreased by at least 20%! I tried to follow some guides and reading the forum and help files - tweaking settings, including advanced ones as well - no significant results.

Decided to revert back to 1.5 to compare - the result is astonishing. THE UPLOAD SPEED is back to its MAX capabilities. Download speed a little bit lower than 1.8.4, but I concern the most with upload speeds. I DID NOT CHANGED ANY SETTINGS.

No PC settings are changed during down conversion as well, so?

Short info about me.

ADSL 6mbit/768kbit Linksys WRT54GL with upgraded firmware (no problem at all here). XPSP2 with freeze on updates patched to 100 half open.

on 1.5 my upload speeds usually 60-68,70 kb/s. on 1.8.4 I was happy to see 60,63 kb/s and it was coming in waves most of the time it is staying in around 50 kb/s.

I do want to upgrade, but not to the expense of my ratio. I don't care about some gentleman rules described here and there, about the importance to seed back. I am on private tracker and trying to maintain at least ratio of 2.0. 1.8.4 is definite downgrade for me.

Any help with advance tweaking is appreciated.

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Nod32 2.7... version and Malawarebytes. No firewall....

Settings would make you laugh, I know and I am willing to change them down, if it will produce good results.

Global number of connections - 800

Max num of coon peers per torrent - 300

Num of upload slots per torrent - 50

I came to those numbers experimentally on v1.5 and it is producing excellent results in upload speed - it is maxed out (now as we speak).

There are some advanced tweaks as well for prevention of HDD overload (with 1.5 version)...

Thanks for replies and help.

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Nod32 - yes, I added exceptions to everywhere I could for utorrent.exe - read about some problems somewhere else.

No I did not try uninstalling Nod32. But will disable it.

Why? O.k. Let think logically. v1.5 has good upload capabilities... the updated versions have some problems with upload, but there is more tweakable advanced options. Is it possible to tweak setting toward increase upload speed? I hate looking for the answers somewhere else... By the way all those utorrent accelerators plug-ins are any good?

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No I did not try uninstalling Nod32. But will disable it.

Uninstalling is usually the only way to actually disable such software.

By the way all those utorrent accelerators plug-ins are any good?

None of them are any good, all of them are pretty much scamware.

As for why 1.5 is unsupported, there are remote control security holes in it that have since been fixed.


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The question about advanced settings in utorrent is left answered. Can those settings be tweaked to increase upload speed? I can see some guides in different places, but not here. Help file only explains the meaning of settings, but doesn't say what will happened if they are changed. I consider this as misrepresentation of utorrent as user friendly application - if there is something what left to user to tweak, there is a MUST for the explanation to be present.

I hate to say, but if I would not be able to find any answer soon, I would probably try Azureus...

Thanks for any additional help if possible

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