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This program is freeware, if you paid for it ...


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hi, i'm using uTorrent for a few years now and this message was a problem when introduced, but was solved in 1.8x

but to problem now:

using boot manager to have windows installations like this

disk0 part0 bootit-ng

disk0 part1 windows xp 1

disk0 part2 windows xp 2

disk1 part0 uTorrent with dat files (both XP's are configured to run it)

NOTE: hardware is always unchanged

Depending on selected XP installation,

bootit-ng has a useful ability to change order of partitions so both XP installations run from C: and other XP partition is hidden to running one

Changing to different installation ALWAYS brings back message abut uTorrent being free

I hope this is enough info to resolve this issue.

It seems that if you can incorporate something similar to multiple network adapters; remembering few different c partition serial numbers should do the trick (or not ?)


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