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uTorrent 1.8.4 completed pieces stay in cache indefinitely


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- When the option "write completed pieces immediately to disk", is enabled, sometimes it stops from writing completed pieces to disk.


- After this happens, no more pieces get written to disk anymore until the application gets restarted.

- After this happens, normal exit won't work. After exiting, the uTorrent.exe program stays in the memory.

- A few minutes (or a little while more if cache size is big), cache gets filled and you will start getting "Disk Overloaded 100%"


- I tested on Vista, no AV or any other processes

- Enabling/Disabling windows cache override have no effect

- When it happens and I exit from it and it still stays on memory, I tried attaching ollydbg to it. It seems there is a thread stuck on some kind of Windows I/O request. If you needed, I can provide more details about threads state in such a case.

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