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Sequential File Downloading


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Can someone please tell me why Sequential File Downloading is a bad thing?

I posted it as a feature, and got shot down horribly. It's not a sequential packet download. And I do it manually anyway. I read the wiki about it. But it's just not true it's a fallacious statement. The only time it would cause a problem is if no one seeded, or people stopped sharing other parts. (which priority should be a good use in sequential file downloading). It doesn't ruin the concept, of random packets or random pieces. And would be a huge benefit to those who have episodic downloads.

In fact it would improve on torrent availability. I think people need to rethink how episodic or sequential downloads would work.

Also, please don't delete this post, I really would like to know the answer, other than a post redirecting me to the wiki...

James G.

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Sequential file downloading is the same thing as sequential piece downloading, only at a slightly less destructive scale. That doesn't make it non-destructive, though. By categorically preferencing files in a certain order, you're skewing the piece distribution -- whether it's a stratified skew or otherwise isn't the problem. If enough people used sequential file downloading, piece pickers that pick by rarity would have an even harder time getting the data they need.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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