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Creating an easier way of throttling global bandwith (Upload/Download)


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I was thinking, of all the features I would love to see implemented to uTorrent, this is one I would love to see.

When you minimize the program to the taskbar, and then right click the icon, it would be great to see a menu for controlling the bandwith.

I need to throttle my bandwith often (For game playing, DJ'ing, etc...), and being able to set global download/upload without having to open the GUI and then going into the options would be great.

In my mind it would look something like: Right click the taskbar icon and then go into the menu.

Bandwith-> Upload->Set max speed-> range from 0Kb/s-infinite

Bandwith-> Download ->Set max speed -> range from 0Kb/s-infinite

This is a feature Azureus has, and I used all the time before making the switch. I think ease of use is huge in designing a good program, and this makes it very easy to control one aspect of the program.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Great program, all the accolades you receive are well deserved.

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This has been asked ten thousand times before. Please search before posting.

Alternatively, if you open µTorrent, you can right-click on the status bar and access the bandwidth options from there. :/

The guys in the IRC channel on p2p-irc.net suggested I make this post in the forum, I'm sorry if I didn't search and bump an existing post about this.

Sure you can do it by opening the client, but sometimes I don't want to open the client to do this. For example say I am playing a game, I load it up, and then right after I get it I realize I forgot to cap my upload. Now I have to alt-tab out and then open the program when I could instead just right click the task bar.

Honestly before you even mentioned the status bar, it had never even occurred to me it would be in a place like that. That setup doesn't seem very intuitive to me. Lots of other p2p programs in the past have allowed taskbar throttling and that works very well.

It's just a suggestion to improve a great program. But if it wouldn't sacrifice system resources or code stability, I don't see the problem in making the suggestion.

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I doubt 2 extra clicks is going to kill anyone, that's why I'm so against this lazy feature. :/

The problem might not be the two extra clicks, the problem is that the feature as it exists now (stauts bar) is very hidden. I had no idea it even existed until you mentioned it, and I highly doubt the majority of users who want to use this kind of feature are going to make there way onto a message board and ask about how to throttle the bandwith easier.

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I'd like some more amounts between 50 and 100kB p/s up, wherever the global upload/download shortcut is going to be.

A lot of people have ADSL, and have 1MBIT up, so they need to set their limit around 80/90kB p/s. Setting my limit to 100 kills my download speed and 50 is too slow.

I doubt 2 extra clicks is going to kill anyone, that's why I'm so against this lazy feature.

There's nothing wrong with setting options fast. It's called "usability".

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It's already useable. Like I said, 2 extra clicks is not worth implementing the same feature in a different manner, IMO.

I disagree. Moving it (Copying it is Bloat, so just Move It) into the Tray Menu is more convenient - it is simply a better, more useful deployment because you can use the Tray Icon with the Window UP or MINIMIZED, while you can only use the Status Bar with the Window UP.

I can't see how Given Ludde's incredible speed it'd take him more than an hour to implement, or why it will take up any more space residing in the Tray Menu rather than hidden in the Status Bar.

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It'd probably be easy as a lot of people say... though I'm not sure how much benefit it'll provide... maybe it'll stop people from requesting this a million more times, benefitting us forum browsers xD

@KS: Not everyone uses the tray icon. So moving it there might have people complaining too. The only way to do this is to "copy" it over. Or do extra checks and whatnot to show it in one place based on tray icon settings, but who'd want to do that? ;P

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