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Can't redownload a supposedly deleted torrent. Utorrent already exists


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Hi there,

I had a really weird problem with utorrent. One of my downloads finished so I removed it from the list (keeping data and *.torrent file). When I went to check my download folder the file still showed the *.!ut file extension. I deleted it from there and tried to open the .torrent file again to redownload it. Now utorrent says that the file already exists in the list. But as I said before, the file is not in the utorrent list of downloads.

I tried to reboot again just in case utorrent needed to update its cache of downloads or something like that. After reboot I still can't redownload the file. I downloaded the .torrent file file again just in case it was corrupted but get the same message.

Should I uninstall utorrent and install it again?? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: After a while I tried opening the .torrent again and it now can be downloaded again. Anyway, does anybody now why this sort of thin happens? Thanks again.

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