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Overall - how to use Torrents with uTorrent


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Okay, my uncle introduced me to the world of torrents like a year ago, since then ive been spamming torrent downloads.... making sure i dont use up my monthly DOWNLOADS. but in the past week ive been having troubles with some torrents... i understand the more seeds/leechers, the more likely u are to get the torrent... i think thats how it works?? (please correct me if im wrong) Now

lately ive been downloading a few music torrents with no problems watsoeva... but now that i found 'adult' torrents, i thought oh yer, i might Download a few of them, which i did... but they got no peers... lots of seeds/leechers but no peers... can some1 please give me the whole rundown on how all this stuff works.. also what do the 'trackers' do??? please help...


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