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Problems with copy/paste of peers' list


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Those are useful features, and served me well when I needed to demonstrate capping by my ISP... Also copy only IPs is useful !

1a. "Copy peerlist" - copies IPs from the whole list (nothing else) as a column but it does not do it in the order currently selected ! It should.

I think it should be renamed to "copy peers' list IPs"

1b.[feature] add 'Cope selected peers' IPs/addresses' -same as 1a but for selected peers

2. "Copy selected hosts" - behaves strangely. The first couple of times you do it after "copy peerlist" it copies only the IPs (BTW in notepad - you also see gibberish (non CR) in-between IPs , same gibberish as I see in the task-icon baloon-tip . It is a Hebrew enabled Windows)

only after that it copies the whole lines:

IP Client Flags % Down speed Up speed Reqs Downloaded MaxDown Uploaded Peer dl. Debug ABC/310 u 18.4 600 64.0 kB 8.6 kB/s 0| -1 BitComet/0059 u I 47.6 600 44.8 kB/s 0| -1 BitComet/0060 u IHX 72.6 600 80.0 kB 0| -1

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