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An interesting development..


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well i was just browsing some torrent sites and came upon what's being labeled a "uTorrent IP Filter updater." i don't know if this is legit or not (it's 5x larger than µTorrent :lol:). getting it out of pure intrigue alone, i'll keep you posted.


edit: the torrent contains a self-extractor (which uses vas' µT Squared icon, as i'm sure he wasn't aware). It self-extracts to the AppData\uTorrent folder whether you want it to or not, and drops a shortcut to a batch file on your desktop. i'll let the READ_ME.txt included go on:

This is for updating the ip filter list in µTorrent.

To update the IP Filter, use the desktop shortcut "µpdater"

To enable IP filtering in µTorrent, set "ipfilter.enable" to "true" in µTorrent's Advanced Options.

To reload ipfilter.dat without restarting µTorrent, simply set ipfilter.enable to false, then to true again.

Also you will need to allow wget.exe to access the internet in your firewall rules so it can download the filter list.

To change the location to download your ipfilter.dat from, edit

"%AppData%\uTorrent\IP filter µpdater.bat" with notepad

To uninstall (but why) just delete these files from %AppData%\uTorrent



IP filter µpdater.bat


checked out the .bat file. pretty ghetto, but it just backs up the previous version and checks http://emulepawcio.sourceforge.net/nieuwe_site/Ipfilter_fakes/ipfilter.dat for a newer version. so it does what it says, harmless enough, not really an autoupdater, but i guess it makes it as easy as clicking a shortcut to check for new stuff. ;)

edit2: "harmless" assuming that wget doesn't have any unlisted "features" :/

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Oh god, don't use

 for anything but what it's intended. Quote works much better (see the scrollbar?). 

I didn't even know µT had an IP filter. But I think this is legit enough... since most libraries (that is, like what the .bat file and wget needs to work) are written with bloat in mind, it's no surprise that it's 5x bigger than µT itself. :P

But let's get Firon to post his $0.02 first before I go downloading it. :P

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don't use
 for anything but what it's intended.

welll sooooorrrryyy! :P

edit: yeah µTorrent has a decently functional ipfilter. drop an ipfilter.dat into the program folder and you're off to the races.. i don't know how good the ipfilter.dat is from that sourceforge site.. i've been using the one from openmedia.info since they optimize theirs for p2p.

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Hi, I recommend scanning your system with some spyware scanner after downloading ipfilter.dat with this uTorrent IP Filter updater - Outpost Firewall Spyware Scanner have found and quarantined a FlashTrack adware in one of those libraries :|

I think its better manually download and replace ipfilter.dat rather than use this piece of crap :(

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Tell me what you see in the ipfilter.dat file it downloads?

I thought it contained hardly anything.

Anyway I deleted it all.


Just downloaded the one from the above link and it does contain a list but is it in the right format?,000,Invalid, Not declared,000,General Electric Company,000,s0-0.ciscoseattle.bbnplanet.net

I thought it had to be: -,0 not,000

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i'm the person who made this updater, and not just to be 1337 :)

I did it so people could update their block list easily (til uTorrent adds the feature)

the dll's should be clean, i got wget from http://xoomer.virgilio.it/hherold/ the official windows version site

As for the ipfilter.dat, thats the URL used for eMule morphXT, to change the filter used, just like it says in the read_me.txt, edit

"%AppData%\uTorrent\IP filter pdater.bat" with notepad :)

BTW Im no programmer but i've been writing batch files since 1985, and since wget is commandline it seemed a piece of cake to whip this up for my own use.

it worked so well i thought i'd share it.

EDIT: Updated download link ;)

uTorrent IP Filter updater

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BLM (and Tiny BLM) can export to a format that works with µT :P

Just pick eMule format or something...

BLM exports to the program, rather than exporting just the file.

Now, if 'we' could get BLM to export directly to µtorrent, that would be nice.


From B.I.S.S.

hey just set blm up to export to emule/donk/ipfilter integration in options / app locations Then browse to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\uTorrent/ipfilter.dat and add that in the box for the location.

Then restart µtorrent.

There ya go...

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in a related note (since this thread was kinda unnecessarily revived anyway), i've noticed that uTorrent automatically bans your own external ip:port. i find that odd since you wouldn't think that you would ever try to connect to yourself in the swarm and send yourself peices. anyone have any knowledge as to why it needs to do this?

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the updated seems to be OK, but the padding of the file does not seem to be blocking IPs for the same torrent used in Azures. Can anyone else confirm that the unpadded IP list work for them?

The fact that utorrent lists a number of lines loaded in the ipfilter.dat file IS NOT ENOUGH.

Worst case, one can start downloading a torrent, pick a few solid IPs with good throughput, then edit the ipfilter file to remove these IPs, with and without padding, one at a time. Then see if padding works specifically to block that specific padded or unpadded IP.

2 cents,


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