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Invalid torrent file


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The last couple of weeks, when I have downloaded a torrent with the extension .mkv and want to load it in UTorrent 1.8.4 I get a message, saying "Cannot load this torrent: invalid torrent file!" I don't have this problem with other torrents. For example: there is this beautiful b&W film of Bob Dylan, doing a screentest for Andy Warhol in his Factory. On isoHunt I found a torrent which I could download as usual. I saved it on my desktop and than wanted to load it into UTorrent 1.8.4. I hear a 'bling' and get a messagebox, saying: Cannot load "[isoHunt] Bob Dylan - Screentest - 1965-1.mkv.torrent": Invalid torrent file!

I have used another browser instead of FireFox but with the same results. I only have this problem with .mkv.torrents. What am I to do?

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