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high upload speeds but low download speeds, please help..


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first off i would just like to apologize if i am repeating someone else's problem (undoubtedly i am), i did have a quick skim through but don't have the concentration to spend hours sorting through the posts! i'd also like to mention how awesome it is to see the administrator actually helping people! your time is appreciated :) lol i know i sound like a suck up but its always nice to be appreciated :)

my issue is 136 seeds - 760 peers - uploads limited to 10kbps at the moment, downloads 200kbps ( i can hit about 190kbps with a super healthy torrent) downloading at 0.0 to 1.7kbps!! settings are as per recommendation of your table/link (that i found on another thread) and the utorrent user manual, have an open port that is not been blocked by the router or firewall...

I am guessing its the seeder and peer ratio that's causing the download to be slow, but if there is ANYTHING I can do to speed this along i would be so very grateful for the heads up!

thanks for reading!!!


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Did you try without limiting download speed?

yes only added a limit when looking at recommended settings :D

What advanced settings have been changed? LOL lots my brother and I played around with them for a few days when we couldn't get a decent download speed on any torrent, what ever we did has been working for the last 4-5 months, its just now that i am having problems :(

Have you tried torrents like those for openoffice or slackware to see what they do?

not sure what these 2 things are goggled them but seem to be finding nothing but discussions regarding fonts :^s hehe i'm not the worlds greatest internet researcher!!

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