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New Scheduler Option: IPFilter


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Something that may be useful to the community as well as me, would it be possible to add an option to the scheduler that enables the IPFilter on one of the existing options now or have it as an entirely new option.

So it would read Full Speed, Limited, Turn Off, Seeding Only, IPFilter. If not an entirely new option then the option on say the Limited setting.



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In Australia we have aspecial allowance that lets us download 2x our monthly quota but only from local ISPs. I use the IPFilter to tap into this allowance and hence increase my allowance The downside is that the bandwidth is never as high so I simply wanted a way to use that quota during the day and use full off peak allowance at night.

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+1 for request

I have to pay for internet traffic, while local one is free. It would be very useful to have per-torrent ipfilter to download some torrents only from local IPs and others from all IPs.

And this will be at one's ease to allow enable ipfilter, while adding torrent (checkbox "Enable ipfilter for this torrent" in "Add new torrent" dialog).

Thank you.

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I susbscribed to this forum to make this request, and I was happy to discover it's already been made.

My ISP has differing allowances for local and non-local traffic, in peak and off peak times.

Something like:

Peak: 50GB

Peak Local: 100GB

Off Peak: 70 GB

Off Peak Local: 140GB.

Uploads: Unlimited.

Without using ipfilter, I'll be lucky if 1% of my traffic comes through a local peer.

When using the ipfilter on, most torrents continue to download / seed reasonably, but there the occaisional torrent without a local peer.

Ideally, I'd love to specify that peers that are not filtered should always have priority over any other peer.

I'd also love to specify that uploads could go to any peer (though I believe this to be an impossibility with the ipfilter)

Realistically, turning on the ipfilter during peak times would be an excellent workaround for me, and I'd rather not have to physically be at my computer at those times. Hence, scheduled ipfilter would be awesome.

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