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Minimising hard disk reads by playing with cache settings.


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I constantly upload about 12 files (they vary) at 220kb/s

Now I have played with the caching settings and found slight gain going from 32mb read cache to 128mb read cache (I have plenty of ram)

I am averaging about 36% hit ratio on the cache and about 200-300B/s read according to resource monitor.

Now with 32mb cache I get about 300-400B/s read.

I have 'disable windows caching of disk reads' unticked, would this likely improve my performance even further?

I would happily set a 2gig cache (overnight when computer is not used) if it increased the hit ratio to 75%. Is there any way to do this?

Should I disable the windows caching or leave it enabled? My ultimate goal is to minimise hard drive reads to keep the noise down as the PC is in my room, also I'd like improve its life

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There's no absolute answer. It depends on how fast your connection is -- your first post is rather imprecise about units.

At any rate, if your connection is rated in the mbit/s for both upload and download, then cache sizes in the hundreds may be helpful in maintaining speed and preventing disk overload. Just keep in mind that there is a diminishing rate of return as you increase the cache size. As well, as far as I remember, µTorrent does not handle cache sizes over 1 GB well, so don't set anything above that.

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