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ERROR: can't open torrent file...


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Hello to all,

I seem to be having issues with my uTorrent receiving an 'Error: can't open .torrent file in E:/...

This happens to all files after the uTorrent has been on for a few days and the system page file usage hits over 10 Gigs resulting in system crash. Upon restarting the system only the files that are still downloading are able to function while all completed files receive the 'Error' message and cannot upload.

It is important to note that these files that are unable to upload still contain what they should and the torrent files are also present as well.

I would greatly appreciate any info on correcting this issue as I have plenty to share.

Thank you,


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The saved torrent files are located in E:/program files/downloads.

uTorrent version 1.8.3

Location of Downloaded Files > F:\Downloads

Move Completed Downloads To > E:\Program Files\Downloads

Store Torrents In > F:\Downloads

Move Torrents For Finished Jobs To > E:\Program Files\Downloads

Automatically Load Torrents From > E:\Program Files\Downloads

4 gigs ram installed on Win XP.

No AV or FW.

All torrent data is present

Any ideas?



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Moogly - Help me out here. (The error I get is "Can't open .torrent files from :M)

I can easily and smooth download and everything used to work well after that too. I mean was I also seeding like a good citizen, yes a made a big change and now download to an external disk (M), but that was not a problem and i changed my Directory preferences (badly i think) but everything worked well until i had an automatic uTorrent program update, after that any recent downloads (to M) no longer seed. I have tried many things to fix it and studied the setup guide and what not, but it still does not work. One of the thing i did in my Directories changes was to put all .torrents finished and otherwise in the same directory. I have changed that setting and will see if a new download will seed. I also manually moved all .torrent files to the new directory. I am pretty confused about it - sorry for being a pain.

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I found a solution to the Error-problem.

Read here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=65683

@Fishgetter: Your problem has nothing to do with uTorrent, and nothing with the topic. And on top of this page is clearly written, this forum is NOT for help with ANYTHING you downloaded.

<munched by admin - don't ignore the announcement yourself>

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