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Connection cutout when using IE and uTorrent


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Hey all,

Looked through most new posts but i can't seem to find any solution to this problem.


Win 7 7600 RC (With updating)

IE 8.0.7600

Connecting to ISP via router

uTorrent 1.8.4

Avast Antivirus running protection


Installed Win 7 recently, problem occured just after.

uTorrent is dowloading 1 or more torrent smoothly. As soon as i start using IE my internet connection cuts out. I then deactivate my LAN card and reactivate it, uTorrent resumes downloading and the cycle repeats, every time.

My friend is on the router via wireless and has no problems with connections while this is going on.


Shutting down firewall and Avast.

Tried reducing number of connections in various ways for uTorrent.

Read all the standard setup stuff i could find, most is not current with win7.


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