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Speed Problem


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Upload limit is set too low, split between too many torrents at once, then split again between too many upload slots per torrent.

The other peers see they're getting nothing or next-to-nothing from you, then refuse to upload back to you.

Setting upload limit very low also cripples how quickly uTorrent can/will reply to those uploading to you. If they don't get "send more" messages from you quickly, they quit uploading quickly to you.

1st link in my signature, slow speed section.

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Depends on the seeds/peers you're connected to...AND if your ISP cripples BitTorrent.

If you're decreasing your upload speed max in uTorrent to far below your upload max, I'd expect download speed to drop proportionally.

If your line's max upload speed is about 70 KB/sec, then upload limit of ~50 KB/sec would probably get the highest download speed.

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