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Element not found Error - caused by using network drive (XP and Vista)


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I've read the troubleshooting about this error. I've never had any problems with utorrent before and the suggested solutions do not work. But as always, never change a running sytem.

What did I change? I bought a new router which allows to connect an USB drive to it. I'm already donwloading everything to this drive but it used to be connected directly to my computer, now it's connected to the router and I connect to it as a network drive.

The funny thing is that older torrents i'm only seeding work perfectly fine. What does not work is starting a new download. I instantly get the element not found error. Connecting the drive directly to the PC again -> works perfectly fine.

users in threads about this error also stated using a network drive. So I assume it's not a router isseu but a utorrent bug.

Is there a solution for this? (beside trying it with a different client?)

Else this might at least explain to other people why they are suddenly getting this error.


What helped is unchecking "disable windows caching of disk writes"

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