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what port is my room mate using?


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hey, i've got one of those "room-mate-doesn't-know-how-to-play-nice-when-it-comes-to-hogging-my-internet-speeds" on my internet network. after asking him to lower his speeds, or stop torrenting so i can use the internet and such, he refuses to admit he's doing so (when utorrent is clearly open). he thinks i'm a idiot. so i've decided to block the port. now i know how to go about port blocking and such, but i'm not sure what port hes using. i'm using a d-link DIR628 router, has some pretty detailed and handy html based software thing, and i'm trying to figure out what port he is using since it's random on install. is there a way through my router to see what ports are being used for torrents?


(and if this is the wrong forum, let me know admins, thanks)

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