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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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I'm on Win7 Ultimate x64. For the last several versions I've had a consistent problem of torrents telling me that they couldn't access the file as well as the port never being open. Note that this happens a considerable amount of time after I first start utorrent. Anyway, after awhile this begins happening (I later figured out it was typically caused by RSS added torrents). After a few versions with no fix, I finally downgraded to the latest 2.0.1 beta and had the same issue. After another week or so of that, I went back to the last stable version 2.0 (build 18620) and I STILL have the same problem.

A few days ago, I figured out the actual problem. Somewhere along the lines of upgrades (all auto except for the downgrades), uTorrent started running a second copy of itself on a different user (note that I only have 1 user setup on this computer, but windows task manager required me to check 'Show processes from all users' before the second copy showed up). After killing both and restarting utorrent the problem is fixed. That is until a new download comes in from RSS in which I get yet another copy of utorrent in memory!

I run utorrent from programfiles(x86) and I have all settings in the folder with uTorrent. There is no utorrent folder in my appdata folder. So why is utorrent allowing two copies to run? Also of note, I've made sure that I have no other copies of utorrent anywhere on the computer. The only executable is located in the programfiles(x86) folder.

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utorrent.crashfix.exe neither resolves the "crash at startup" problem nor allows dump creation. As before, dump attempts are 0 bytes. However, CPU usage is no longer pegged at a constant 100%. It begins as such but tapers off before the application dies.

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