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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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when going from the latest build of 2.0.1 to the latest 2.1 alpha utorrent will freeze and refuse to start. This is fixed by clearing out the old uTorrent settings folder. Particularly resume.dat. However this prevents me from carrying my current list of torrents through. Even if I install 2.1 and then try to replace the new resume.dat with the old one.

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Firon wrote to upload zipped or rared file to mediafire.com then it goes faster to upload +download but would rar compress enough to compress 500mb.dmp below 200mb.rar?

Is anyone getting this disk overload because some kind of new settings or with default ? I have Win7 32bit and I have no clue how other people get this, how far is fix for this anyway?

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Hey, still having the program like stopping writing to disk which starts eating up RAM despite RAM settings it seems. These are the settings I tried this time.


It was working okay for awhile and then I noticed it stopped reading from disk at the same time it started writing the any download data only into RAM. The First dump file is while it was downloading and the second is after I stopped it for awhile to see what happens and the data sits in RAM without being written to disk. Now despite NOT having the two boxes checked that increases how often it writes to disk, it still has the same problem. Also it isn't like the cache hit a 100% before this started or there being large amounts of disk activity. It just seems that when it glitches regardless of the amount of traffic or how many downloads/uploads, it stops everything and can't write. Also normally when you close it out, it writes all the files to the cache and closes the program which seems why it is still sitting in RAM after closed since it can't write the files to disk it just sits there...so the third dump is after I exited the Program and it sits in RAM.

http://www.mediafire.com/?idmwlz22gin <- while downloading but not reading or writing to disk (hence upload dropped to 0)

http://staff.ryuumaru-fansubs.com/Cyc/uTorrent2.zip <- after I stopped downloads but program still running. Data sitting in RAM and wouldn't write to disk

http://staff.ryuumaru-fansubs.com/Cyc/uTorrent3.zip <- after I exited the program and left it idle for several minutes but it remained open with data sitting in RAM and still not writing to disk.

All of this being said, I am going to disable all read/write caching and see what happens. Hopefully it will work for awhile before it stops altogether but at least what it does successfully download will actually be on disk and usable. If you need more info let me know. ~Cyc

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Same as those before me. uTorrent just locks out and has to be closed manually through Task Manager. Now I'm not sure if it is a HDD overloaded issue or something else, but I can tell you that a Memory Leak is also in process. uTorrents memory footprint is a whopping 2GB, and this has been happening ever since version: 18429 - 18581, not too sure exactly. I was going to come and post earlier on but usually these sorts of things are fixed before I even consider making a bug report.

Any updates as to what it could be, these freezes are a menace. Could it be related to some Windows updates? Last couple of weeks has had a couple of updates from MS.

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Some minor bugs in µTorrent 2.1 alpha 18959:


uT didn't remember latest window position on closing, cause on restart uT will center window instead e.g. maximizing it


help file should be updated, if you're too lazy now use latest for v2.0.1 (build 19078), cause I see outdated help for v1.8.3 (build 15772) in uT2.1 xD

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+ OVER 9.000

I also get "Disc overloaded 100%" & uT didnt want to close, it still exist in windows manager...

probably due to this cache leak it seems


cache settings


just download e.g. 50% (forced) more torrents than you usual do on MINIMIZED uTorrent and you will probably see this, cause on my test MINIMIZED uT is key to this bug ;p


last bug free version is build 18888

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I'm also getting the Disk Overloaded issue.

I read through this thread, thought I spotted something, but I now know that the minimising the window thing has nothing to do with it (for me).

I have noticed that uTorrent caches the data (by watching it's memory usage in Window's Resource Monitor.

I see the disk writes fire, and I see my disks cache absorb the data then write to disk. What I am not seeing however (and I think I am meant to be) is uTorrent's committed/working set memory decreasing. The memory usage just goes up and up until I get the overloaded message despite there being active disk writes (and upon force checking my torrents I also see that the data on the disk has increased.)

Could this issue just be to do with uTorrent not garbage collecting the written data from memory correctly?

My system seems to conk out and show the disk error at around 48|54MB (committed|working set) total used memory each time. After which point it just collects more and more data to ram before I force close it. If there is anything I can do/test to help, just shout :)

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It seems like I can get normal download speeds without the disk overload issue by setting the following cache settings and restarting uTorrent:


I'm still experimenting though so this might not be 100% accurate.

Yes, that works but it's not very good for your hard drives. This will wear them out much quicker.

This is a very serious problem and needs to be addressed ASAP. No settings change is going to fix this. It's something that started happening with the last few builds.

EDIT: From my observations so far, the size of the pieces in the torrents you download affects this bug. For example, I'm downloading a torrent right now with 512kB pieces and it's doing just fine. But, another torrent with 2MB pieces shows this cache/disk overloaded bug. BTW, this is with Windows caching enabled:


And no, disabling Windows cache does not stop this from happening. Nor does increasing cache size or even limiting download speed...not that those are valid solutions anyway.

I'll keep you posted if any other piece sizes trigger this bug.

Results so far:




512 kB = OK

256 kB = OK


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Well since my last post I have NOT had one crash since I completely disabled caching like reptile and 420 tried. uTorrent has been running without fail and I restarted several times and can download and upload at full bandwidth. I am NOT seeing a MEMORY LEAK. It just seems that when stuff is downloading into MEMORY, it stays there when caching is enabled and can glitch and go over any limits set so downloading will continue at full-speed but just not be written to disk.

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Sorry Firon. I know your previous post said to submit bug reports since you weren't able to detect the issue. Thanks for all your help. Disabling caching for the time being seems to be a work-around for those experiencing issues with the release.

Edit: Well I was wrong. I actually just experienced a cache issue with caching fully disabled from the start. Though it seems to be much rarer when caching is disabled. I am going to keep bearing with it. I trust Firon to get it all fixed up for us soon.

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We know 2.1 is broken, you don't need to keep bringing it up. :P I'll post whenever it's fixed. In the meantime, you can either live with it or roll back to 2.0.1. There's no other solution at the moment.

Or you can use build 18888 for now...if you can live without these changes:

- Change: drop uTP compatibility with uT <=1.8.1

- Change: improved loading column settings from older version settings files

- Change: change default uTP packet size to 600 bytes

In my case, the columns were fine (but I did start fresh with the first 2.1 alpha release as far as settings.dat, etc.)

And actually you can manually change net.utp_initial_packet_size to 4 and you'll get the last change too.

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I also have the 100% Disk Overload.

With uTorrent cache I get low downloadspeeds and no upload.

With windows cache I get a cache size of 440 MB after which it stops downloading.

Closing uTorrent keeps an active proces with extremely slow declining memory usage.

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I can seemingly reproduce my 100% Disk Overlord consistently, without fail. I use a secondary internal HD to store torrent data, and each time I offload data from this drive to another (internal, external or network), the cache stops writing near entirely. Every thirty seconds or so, it will write out one small chunk, but outside of that, the cache overloads quickly. I've specifically set my cache to a high amount (500MB), allowing it to eat up memory in an attempt to avoid this problem to no avail.

The interesting part is, even with files still transferring from the same function mentioned above, if I close uT and let it slowly drain memory usage from Task Manager (is this the cache writing out over time? It can take up to 4 or 5 minutes...) and close the application, I can restart uT and it immediately goes back to functioning normally with writes every second to few seconds, as well as normal reads.

I actively have 15 torrents downloading, four or more uploading, and an average through put of 2 MB/s down and 2-4MB/s up when uT is acting properly without issues. But as soon as activity starts on that disk outside of uT, it grinds to a halt.

The only thing this disk is used for is torrent storage, so nothing else would interfere with the disk read/write save saving files or moving them.

Running Win7 x64

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