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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207

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I have been having the high memory consumption problems with 2.1 alpha build 18959, up to 1.5GB out of 4GB total. I use Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. The problem happend regularly rendering uTorrent unresponsive to End Process through Task Manager.

On a few occasions it caused windows fail to Restart or Shut Down. uTorrent itself tries to send a crash dump everytime windows is re/booted but it always fails to send the report.

Now I have updated to build 19225, the crashes have increased with the usual re-check and data loss. uTorrent is still unable to send the crash report.

Any suggestions?


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Yeah I am getting a lot of uTorrent crashes and have it "Send dump to developer" automatically. I re-enabled caching and it seemed to be working fine for a little while. Now it is just seeding in the background and crashing periodically.

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Bugs in µTorrent 2.1 alpha 19225


uT didn't remember latest window position on closing, cause on restart uT will center window instead e.g. maximizing it


help file should be updated, if you're too lazy now use latest for v2.0.1 (build 19078), cause I see outdated help for v1.8.3 (build 15772) in uT2.1


Sorting "#" in "Pieces" tab didnt work in "\/" mode



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Like I said before that helpfile is for wrong version ;p

also next crashdump


Also + 1 bug more, but its probably related to


uT didn't remember latest window position on closing, cause on restart uT will center window instead e.g. maximizing it"

simply close uT, next download and open torrent in browser (association mode) and when uT starts nothing happens... but I should see some properties about torrent downlaoding... ;p

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I observed a very high uT CPU usage during file hash check (full core out of two). What was strange, was that in a 17GB torrent with 3 (in middle of all) files present on disk (not fully downloaded) and other 47 skipped, it managed to swiftly reach the beginning of these three (~24%), check through them and - check further (!) with increased CPU load... Checked the files, that were nowhere to be found. (They were once present, but then deleted.) After accomplishing the task, uT did not start the download process itself, even though it was set to it at the beginning. After manually stop-starting, the speed increased as it should and after like 5 seconds uT froze... Hash dump of that freeze: DUMP

There were many such freezes.

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I'm also getting something like this.

During the recheck, when uT reached a non-existent file that used to be there, it started spouting a repeated error in the logger

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:3888:1044688:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:1048576:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:2097152:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:3145728:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:4194304:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:5242880:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:6291456:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:7340032:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:8388608:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:9437184:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:10485760:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:11534336:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:12582912:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:13631488:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:14680064:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:15728640:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:16777216:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:17825792:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:18874368:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:19922944:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:20971520:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:22020096:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:23068672:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:24117248:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:25165824:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:26214400:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:27262976:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:28311552:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:29360128:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:30408704:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:31457280:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:32505856:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:33554432:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:34603008:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:35651584:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:36700160:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:37748736:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:38797312:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:39845888:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:40894464:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:41943040:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:42991616:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:44040192:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:45088768:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:46137344:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:47185920:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:48234496:1048576:1048576:19

[2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:49283072:720816:1048576:19

Then eventually hanged.

This is 19225, Windows 7, x64

Files are on a local HDD that works flawlessly.

EDIT: so this happens when a partfile is used. If the partfile is deleted or corrupted and I force recheck, uT checks for every piece of every file that was supposed to be downloaded, including every piece of the border files (set to skip, but their border pieces are in the partfile).

So if the files are still there, uT just checks them.

If they are missing I get the above errors.

And if they were border files, after the partfile is gone they are technically missing, and I again get the errors even for pieces that were not supposed to be downloaded.

And this happens in 18825 too

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Upgrading from the current 2.0.1 beta build, my resume.dat prevents uTorrent from opening. I've tried moving it out of %AppData%/uTorrent, and it opens, but starting over with a blank resume.dat isn't really an option (I've got 1300+ torrents in various locations on my hard drive).

It's definitely not corrupted either because I downgraded back to 2.0.1 with the old resume.dat, and it works fine.

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Firon, I am now getting crash dumps every little bit (but not at a certain interval. I have been sending crash dumps through the program so is there any point to submit them here as well?

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I've been getting a bucket load of crashes also.

Any idea why the program fail when i try to auto submit the crashes? If I can use the automatic system, seems like a better idea.

If not, i'll go get the dump creation tools and start uploading :)

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Well at first I was only getting a crash here or there...but now I seem to get one every few minutes.

Edit: Didn't want to make another post, but just wanted to say thanks Firon for your reply and help.

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