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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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faz2faz...Read before posting...

"2.1 is just kinda broken, as usual. Wait until the next build..."

"More crashdumps won't be of any use. Just wait until the next build."

Both of those are only 7 posts from the end. Patience is a virtue (I have very little of but still :P).

Virtual_ManPL and anyone else. I am not going to tell you what WILL work but what is working for me...I few days ago and have been running non-stop since and not one crash. While some of the improvements made in the last several releases are lost, I tend to save the old build installers and only delete them if I have a major problem with the build or if I have a minor problem that is resolved by a newer more stable build. I double-checked the log and if you don't want to use that old of a build you, you can look through the change-log and go back far enough that you don't see crash-fixes every build or every other build. Basically you DON'T want a build where the build right after says they fixed a crash...18304 MAY be okay too but I couldn't remember so I went with the oldest build I had saved.. Well that's my suggestion for anyone reading this until a new version is released.

Thanks to Firon and the uTorrent team for always answering questions and helping us not to mention giving us a "shiny" uTorrent client.

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So what is the changelog for 19280.

Hasn't crash for me yet but geting alot of

[2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:293 align:-99 pos:0 count:-99 actual:-99

[2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:324 align:512 pos:0 count:131072 actual:-99

[2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:1430 align:512 pos:0 count:131072 actual:1

at UTorrent startup.

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probably just only change was enabling "Disable Windows catching of disc reads" to protect uT crashdump server from spamming not needed 19225 dumps anymore ;p

cause non of the small bugs were fixed in 19280 ;)


uT didn't remember latest window position on closing, cause on restart uT will center window instead e.g. maximizing it


help file should be updated, if you're too lazy now use latest for v2.0.1, cause I see outdated help for v1.8.3 (build 15772) in uT2.1


Sorting "#" in "Pieces" tab didnt work in "\/" mode


simply close uT, next download and open torrent in browser (association mode) and when uT starts nothing happens... but I should see some properties about torrent downloading (related to #1?)... ;p

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Didn't see the auto-update build since the client was running for days and checks on start-up usually. I still haven't installed as I have torrents I don't want interrupted.


Simply disabling caching won't fix the bug as we did that when we were troubleshooting the other build unless your talking about something else. I had Windows caching of disk reads and writes disabled and was still having problems so meh. I also think that your logic as far as them making only one change and releasing is a bit flawed. Of course right now they don't care about the help-file version. What good is having a 2.1 help file when the program isn't even semi-stable? Major crashes that prevent people on mass from testing the latest builds will come before misc. things they need to do before beta or RC.

I am itching to play with that build and see what happens but have to wait a little while it seems.

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Win7 x64, 19424 - freezes a few seconds after startup, taking one CPU core to 100%.

Actually all the versions from the last few months had the same problem with the CPU usage, caused by bt.determine_encoded_rate_for_streamables. As soon as I restart uTorrent with this feature disabled, the CPU usage is normal.

However, I was still able to use the application in previous versions, even with the high CPU usage. Now with 19424 it completely freezes after startup, in less than 10 seconds, giving me just enough time to go to settings and disable the bt.determine_encoded_rate_for_streamables feature. I manged to disable it after 10 tries, you really have to move fast before it freezes.

After restarting uTorrent with bt.determine_encoded_rate_for_streamables disabled the application no longer freezes and no longer uses excessive CPU.

Now I will re-enable the feature and create a process dump when the application is in the frozen state.

Later edit: dump sent to Firon.

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Since the latest build (19424) when I launch uTorrent (yesterday night and tonight) my DHT fails to work. It will stay at "0 Nodes (Login)" then change to "Waiting to log in" and stay there permanently. The only fix is to add a torrent with a tracker, then it logs in. It used to work just fine with me never using trackers for torrents. I've also tried rebooting the router for a new IP with no joy.

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Not sure if I should report this here, since it was already reported on Found bugs (here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=67818), but one issue I've been having for some time is that when uT is started by double-clicking/download-open a .torrent file or magnet link, that torrent won't be picked by uT and I'll have to double-click/download it again after uT is running for it to load.

On a side note, I would prefer the mini-window button not to be where it is now (kinda tricky, when I try to hit the drop-down menu) - maybe they should be re-arrangeable? Also, I think the remote access pref button is kind of redundant, since the pref button is already there, and right next to it.

(My build: 19424, Win7 x64)

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