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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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If you're still seeing HTTPS problems' date=' please wireshark 2.0.4 and trunk communicating with your webserver so we can see what's going on. We'd also like to know what webserver and version they're running.

It works on our nginx servers, so without more info, we can't proceed.[/quote']

The server is lighttpd/1.4.26. It works on 2.0.4 and 2.2, just not on 3.0. I will wireshark it when I have more time.

EDIT: I wasn't really sure what to look for, so all I did was try to find a difference between the two:

2.2: 1zokyz8.png (working)

3.0: 6pp2bs.png (connection closed by peer)

If there's something else I should be looking for, let me know.

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- Change: merge Status and Done columns and add advanced option to enable old behavior

What's this advanced option called? Can't seem to find it.

Also, when you sort on that new Status column, I would expect the percentages to sort accordingly. I have 5 Downloading torrents with random percentages done, but sorting the column up or down doesn't affect their order like it should.

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I used to use the alpha 3.0 but after being fed up with torrents going at half speed 500kbs and my laptop on the same network with the 2.2 going at 1.1mbs. I then put the settings the exact same on both machines with no luck. Today I went back to 2.2 from 3.0 and the speeds are what they should be. 1.1mbs. What is the deal with 3.0?

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Got to say, I love the new GUI and basically the entire of the alpha, but I have also noticed speed issues between versions.

That said I am aware how hard it is to quantify the differences given different peers/seeds being connected etc etc. but the 2.2 builds seem significantly quicker.

Either way, I like the way the interface/features are going. If only it was blazingly fast as well >.<

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Yes its coming in nicely, its still Alpha so unusual behaviors can be forgiven.

Another thing i wanted to point out was for me, even with same settings file the uT 3 Alpha only has about 4-5 max. Active torrents, while 2.0.4 has 12-14 Active torrents.

Have seen this behavior both ways, using 2.0.4 settings file on uT 3 and/or then using fresh install uT 3's settings file for uT 2.0.4

Torrent details include:

50 total Torrents.

2 Allowed to Download (sometimes only 1), Rest upload.

So basically with uT 3 alpha only 2 are at most uploading fully excluding the downloading ones.

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Another thing i wanted to point out was for me, even with same settings file the uT 3 Alpha only has about 4-5 max. Active torrents, while 2.0.4 has 12-14 Active torrents.
Yeah, exactly the problem bothers me too. That is why I have to stay on 2.0.4.
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I just noticed a problem recently:

I used to be able to use the "Relocate..." option on a file in the files tab to get µTorrent to read from a different file in the same folder (for seeding). I have to do this when I want to download a torrent from one tracker and seed it to that tracker and to a second tracker at the same time, where only the nfo file is different in the torrents.

I have 2 of the same torrent (different hashes, same files except for nfo) loaded into µTorrent from 2 different trackers and the only difference between the 2 torrents is the nfo file. One tracker has that torrent with a UNIX nfo file and the second tracker has a DOS nfo file, but otherwise they are exactly the same torrents with the same files.

Now, if I download the torrent (UNIX nfo file) from one tracker and try to load the same torrent (DOS nfo file) from a second tracker to seed to it, µTorrent will hash check the torrent, but since the nfo files don't match, that part of it plus the shared pieces around it will be red in the files tab, and it will try to download those pieces if started. This means not only that it wastes bandwidth downloading the same files over but it also breaks the original torrent from the first tracker because it overwrites the UNIX nfo file with the DOS nfo file.

So, I was very happy when µTorrent gained the "Relocate..." option because now I could get around this problem. If I wanted to download the torrent only once from one tracker and only have one copy of the torrent folder/files on my hard drive and still be able to seed to both trackers from there, I could simply use the procedure below:

What I would do is convert the "file.nfo" (UNIX to DOS) from the downloaded torrent files (from the first tracker) and save it to "file.dos.nfo" (in the same folder) and then point the "file.nfo" in the torrent from the second tracker to the converted file (file.dos.nfo) using the "Relocate..." option in the files tab. Then, when I rechecked the torrent from the second tracker, all the files were blue and I could seed to it without having to re-download any files. This also meant that I could continue seeding the original torrent from the same folder to the first tracker using "file.nfo".

Well, I just tried to do this with the latest build and it doesn't work anymore. It doesn't let me point the "file.nfo" to "file.dos.nfo" located in the same folder using the "Relocate..." option. This is probably because it now tries to actually move the file when using the "Relocate..." option. And moving the file doesn't help me...it's not what I want to do. I simply want to point µTorrent to read from the other file (file.dos.nfo).

This is a problem for me because I now can't do what I was able to do before.

I'm not sure whether "- Fix: relocating of single files" or more likely "- Fix: Make 'Set Download Location...' actually move the torrented data" messed this up as I don't have access to previous builds to test this.

Either way, I would appreciate an option to be able to turn off µTorrent's moving of files when using the "Relocate..." option. Or just make it so that I'm able to point one file to another file like I used to. Thanks.

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Disabling all Utorrent cache setting and activating windows cache in that window immediatly solved my disk 100% overload problem. I never had this problem before....(internal sata II , x64 win7)

Nevertheless utorrent does not shutdown properly and eats 160mb memory ..have to manually kill process.

wtf happened to utorrent this is the most buggy version EVER!!!


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