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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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Regarding the DNA features in 2.1:

- The exact functionality and interaction with uT

The user can now start "DNA" downloads by entering a url into their browser, or clicking on a link of the form:

Sort of like the Coral CDN: http://www.coralcdn.org/

The idea is: uT will contact the Bittorrent offices, we will generate a torrent for you, send it to the client, and setup the seed correctly.

- the possible user-control over it (enabled/disable)

You have lots of options. In Preferences, you can turn it off, or limit the amount of DNA data transferred.

Alternatively, you can just not click on DNA-type links.

- the estimated overhead caused by it (CPU, bandwidth, RAM)

None, really. It's just a regular torrent - oh, except those torrents only contain one file.

The main advantage is that people who want to share a piece of content that is already on the web don't need to go to the trouble of creating a torrent and setting up a tracker. I think we also provide statistics reporting on your "DNA" torrents, too.

Everyone in the office, from Bram and the CEO, down to the marketing dept. (OK, there's only one person in that dept.), to the programmers, agrees that we are not going to use any client bandwidth unless you the user decide to participate in that swarm. A use case for this type of thing is, movie trailers - It's a piece of commercial content, but only those interested in seeing the clip participate in the swarm, sharing a bit of their upload bandwidth in return for increased download speeds, just like regular torrents.

- any known security/privacy issues

Yes - when you load a DNA torrent into your client, your client connects to a tracker that we run here at BitTorrent. This is the same as any other torrent you download - if you activate the torrent, you connect to one of the trackers in the list.

All DNA torrents are clearly marked, and in fact, we went to quite a bit of trouble to not even show the DNA category if you don't have any DNA torrents active, so it won't be annoying.

Thanks for your question.

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related to

I noticed that this Aplha does not change network status to:

"Listen error\r\nYou should change the listen port."

if uTorrent use the same listening port as another "like server" application.

In , all right.



[edit] Added dmp files: http://sharegadget.com/979616879

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yes, 2.1 is Alpha version.

All test versions of uTorrent (Alpha, Beta) are marked as Beta.

All more stable versions of uTorrent (Release Candidate, Stable Release) are marked with no added string.

I think it will be good idea to extend of marking about Alpha and RC.

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Going to second khagaroth's question, although I've only seen/noticed Falcon in build 17154.

For people who don't know what I'm talking about: http://i47.tinypic.com/29ws9rp.png

Also yeah, like the other posters before me, build 17085 crashes when it's just idle for long amounts of time for whatever reason. ie: after it's been left overnight or whatever.

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µTorrent 2.1.17350 Alpha crash without dump on first run, because uT cant create it... ;p

posting only log http://www.mediafire.com/?unkijwwqg3a

good job with optimizing uT, now I dont get lags or slowdown when browsing websites with speed upload limit, its much better (but I still see 22-25KB/s instead my 15KB/s, but nvm, now its working better :) )

and I discovered that uT2.1 have better upload limiting to get faster download speed without user upload limit, than in uT2.0 (1.8.5 working fine)


link fix

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There is a bug in the download speed limiter in alpha 2.1. I was gonna post this earlier but I thought for sure someone else would. So, anyway, the problem is that if I use the global download limit, it limits the speed to about 2/3 of that limit. But, if I take off the global limit and instead use a per-torrent limit then it works properly. I tested this one torrent at a time and these are all well-seeded torrents from private trackers (they have no problem reaching max speed quickly if I use the per-torrent limit or no limit).

This only started happening since I started using 2.1; Before this I was using 2.0. Also, I started fresh with this version as far as settings.dat is concerned and I set up everything identical to how I had it in 2.0. My computer is clean, everything is configured properly, and it's not my ISP. I am 100% sure this is a bug in 2.1 alpha because other versions work fine. The upload speed limit works fine in all versions so it seems to just be the download speed limit being affected.


Torrent with no download limit = ~625KB/s

Same torrent per-torrent limit 512KB/s = ~512KB/s

Same torrent global limit 512KB/s = ~350KB/s

Note: Tested this with one torrent at a time and nothing else is using my connection. I can change from global limit to per-torrent limit and almost instantly see the speed rise, whereas If I use the global limit instead, speed drops almost instantly to about 2/3 of that limit. Can anyone else confirm this? I hope I explained it well enough. I would make a video of it but that's too much work and all it would do is show exactly what I described above.

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I'm new to this forum, and I have installed utorrent 2.1 and have been getting great speeds on my laptop.

I have a problem installing it on my pc though, I get to the configuration screen of the installer and when I click "Install" a black dos screen flashes for a second then nothing else happens. When I try to open utorrent after that it's still the old version (1.8.4).

Can anyone help me with this? I'm using Windows Vista SP 2. So is my laptop, but I had no problems installing on that one...

Any help will be much appreciated, thank you :)

Great work guys....

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