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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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See post #1270, still not fixed in 24305. Where should I post it to be sure that it won't be missed?

One more thing, that was observed somewhere in 24120 build:

1. Choose one torrent in utorrent, that contains a directory with files, not a single file.

2. Stop it.

3. Physically move folder to another place or just rename.

4. In utorrent: choose new folder (the same as physical) for this torrent.

5. Start torrent.

utorrent can't find files. It's bug. We have to point each file explicitly to its new destination.

Sorry my english. If it is unclear, I can prepare few screenshots...

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Using 24369.

In addition to the problem with the contents of the Status column disappearing when the torrent is selected there's these I've come across:

1: This was also in the previous alpha; when you drag from the bottom of your torrents list up to select your torrents that way, they won't show as selected until you release your mouse button, this was not the case in any older version. This problem doesn't occur while using control or shift to select torrents.

2: When you have the 'Tabs' section open (not hidden) and go to the Apps category, the section will still be there without the actual tabs and the button to hide the section. It just shows over the App Studio.

Image: http://www.ps-gunkie.com/storage/uTorrentAppsIssue.png

3: I don't remember removing torrents through the delete button or the Remove option in the torrent context menu just deleted the torrent without a confirmation screen, or is that just me?

4. The little progress bar in the "Done" column doesn't work anymore. I checked the advanced settings and the option for it no longer has any effect anymore either.


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I'm on the newest alpha Bulid 24369.

Whenever You try to delete a torrent using shift +delete (to delete the torrent file+data) Utorrent freezes.

I have the same issue with 24369. When deleting a single torrent, the review box is shown and the torrent deletes fine. If I select two or more torrents then try to delete the uTorrent window freezes for a period of time (minutes). It seems that the more torrents being deleted the longer it takes to respond with the delete multiple torrents confirmation. It will eventually show the box, but it does take a significant length of time.

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Build 24369: High CPU-usage (100% / # of cores) when selecting items in the torrent list, for example when selecting individual torrents while pressing CTRL.

PS: How can I change the dates in the Added and Completed columns back to the normal format? Like "2010-05-14 13:45:01" for example? Something like "a week ago" doesn't really tell me anything other than it was a week ago or something like that... it kind of feels like talking to a retard. No offense towards retards.

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