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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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Специально зарегистрировался на вашем форуме, чтобы сказать, что utorrent_3 от 06.02.2011

Делает вот, что:

После загрузки файл исчезает как будто, так и нужно. Самое главное во время загрузки файл находился в директории. :/


It was specially registered at your forum to tell that utorrent_3 from 2/6/2011

Does here that:

After loading the file disappears as though, and it is necessary. The Most important thing during loading the file was in a directory. :/

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Hello 2 all.

Excuse me if that problem has already been discussed,

but utorrent 3 alpha versions above build 24120 use my CPU very intensively. Before utorrent used up to 10%, not more. But now it uses 30-60% and even more (my computer is too old, CPU - athlon 1.8 GHz).

and similar problem (but with all utorrent alpha versions) - i can't use any application because of the same reason. When I install any app, the cpu usage is up to 80%.

thanks for help.

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3.0 build 24520 is working pretty well for me so far except for the web part. I use a proxy for torrents, but it appears that prevents me from authenticating to utorrent web. If I disable the proxy, it authenticates fine. Re-enable, authentication fails. Perhaps the authentication should not go through the proxy, or maybe should default to browser's proxy info if the authentication fails? It's obviously preventing me from using smartphone remote software and the likes. If this gets fixed, it's my last complaint!

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seeding connection for the latest version seems to stop for all except for 2 torrents.

when I restarted it, 4 became active again... I'm currently observing how long before upload grinds to a halt again.


downloading the latest build again then rebooting the machine seems to have done the trick...

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Now I have 95 torrents summary.

Up to 6-7 active, but usually less. Mainly there is one or to downloaded and the rest are uploaded.

Today I downloaded 1 torrent, speed ~200-300 KByte. CPU usage was enormous - 80%!!! It's terrible.

I was forced to go back to old build 24120, CPU usage now is 6-10%.

I'll recall, I use WinXP SP3 updated.

ps - DPCs process in Process Explorer usually loads not much, now for example 1-5%. Interrups process uses still less.

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Was it uTorrent itself using all the CPU?

not always all' date=' but as I said, up to 80%. In this case the rest of CPU time was used with other apps, so totally CPU usage was 100%.

hasn't anybody faced with this problem???[/quote']

I am using 24613. So far so good. CPU usage is only 10% - 15%. Dowloading though seems very slow. Maximum speed it will go up to is 20 kb/s for some reason. I don't know if the seeds are slow or my isp is throttling my downloading speed.

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And yes uTorrent sure have some problem with cpu usage and memory ram, i got from 1.7gb to 2.2/2.3gb used of 3.0

and when i have 4 torrents or more started, seeding or download, most of the times downloading my pc starts freezing, if i turn off uTorrent everything get back to normal


Windows 7 Ultimate 32

3.0gb ram

Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz

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