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µTorrent 3.0 "Falcon" (32-bit) alpha 25207


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I'm testing uTorrent on 2 computers right now: Main Computer, 2nd Computer

on my Main Computer, it crashed once and asked me if i wanted to send the form to the developers.

On my 2nd Computer, it crashed once, i suspect it's the same kind of crash i experienced on my Main Computer. BUT later my computer got a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and rebooted itself right after, I didn't had anything else running in background that uTorrent and PeerBlock, so i also suspect it might be uTorrent's fault.

client used: uTorrent v2.1 Beta build 17350

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So far so good here. The only bug I came across is when changing views (ie checking RSS subscriptions, then check a label, and go around like that), there was a rare case I encountered 2 times when the torrent list would disappear. Checking views fixes that. Anyway, no other bug here, no crash for 2 straight days that I've been using it. Windows 7 Pro x 64.

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here's another issue with the v2.1 Beta build 17350:

-Sometimes the connection icon displays as red saying "not connectable" saying a router is blocking the connection, or "no incoming connection" saying there's a problem with my network configuration.

The thing is my router FORWARDS the port(s) in question to the right IP address(es) so they are NOT blocked, the icon should always be green after detecting incoming connections. This problem doesn't seem to affect connections and downloads, but it would be good to fix this. When i do the built-in port ward test, it says "OK" also, but the tiny connection icon in the status bar in the software still displays a red or yellow icon. Sometimes this bug doesn't happen, but sometimes it does...

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Well it says that because their build system doesn't use the term "alpha", but if you look at the topic here you're posting under on the *Official* forum, it's an alpha.

Not sure what could be the issue with the 2nd system. OS different somehow? Different torrents loaded?

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The new skin looks surprisingly ugly. And I don't mean the style, but the lack of proper 32bit transparency in the new toolbar and tabs icons (I can't comment on the status icons, cause my background is white there).

Just compare how it looks now


to how it should look


On the same note, I can't make it load the tstatus.bmp that I was using so far. After the upgrade I just see the default status icons.

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uTorrent Falcon – some clarifications on uTorrent 2.1 directions:

As features being added are starting to become visible within our community of testers, its time to talk about them a little.

First the (rather obvious) disclaimer: being "alpha" clients they are NOT YET FEATURE-COMPLETE, especially the user interface, so there isn't much to look at that's pretty yet. They also MAY BE PRONE TO INSTABILITY, so install at your own risk. If you're at all concerned about it then you should probably hold off at least until the beta version is available. That said, we're really very grateful indeed for all your enthusiasm and commitment in helping us get these new improvements off the ground.

The uTorrent 2.1 alpha and the uTorrent client currently codenamed "Falcon" are early experimental versions of clients that we expect to merge and release to beta during Q1 2010.

In what we're collectively calling the uTorrent Falcon project, we are working on advances in the following areas:

(1) Streaming

A significant part of the uTorrent Falcon project is make the clients capable of streaming the most popular media file formats distributed using BitTorrent technology.

This means you should be able to use a media-player of your choice to start playback of stream-able file formats only a short time after you initiate a download, without having to wait for hundreds of MB to finish downloading.

Our hope is to transform getting media using uTorrent from a "load-wait-watch-tomorrow" to more of a "point-click-watch" experience.

(2) Access-Anywhere

A second important part of uTorrent Falcon is the introduction of zero-configuration and ultra-secure remote web-access to your client from any computer or smartphone with a browser. This optional service turns your uTorrent client into a connected resource that you can download to, get files from or share access to from anywhere. Our concept of security in this case goes beyond simple HTTPS and includes end-to-end encryption starting in the browser and terminating only at the client. Although we use proxy servers to punch through firewalls, we treat our own servers as essentially untrusted so that your private data remains reliably private.

(3) DNA

BitTorrent DNA is a free content delivery service run by BitTorrent for content publishers. It enables publishers to distribute files using the BitTorrent protocol supported by bandwidth from their own servers, and to collect stats on files they distributed using BitTorrent DNA. The uTorrent Falcon client will include the optional capability for users to download DNA torrents.

We are also working on other improvements including:

- Several UI improvements to make the client's current and future functionality more generally accessible

- Optional file security features

- Optional browser-integration features

- Better ability for torrent sites to promote content or search within the client

-…as well as many small feature enhancements and further stability, UI and speed optimizations

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