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torrent uploading bugged


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hey all

i hope you can give me a fix or somethin for this

ok well

i uploaded a torrent and they are downloading but

if i let it upload as fast as i can there is no problem just the internet is abit slow but that obvious

so say its maxing upload out at 100 kb/sec upload

when i cap my upload to say 80kb/sec, the people downloading will only download at like 40kb/sec but its capped at 80kb/sec and as soon as i uncap it,(to unlimited) it goes back up to 100kb/sec but i would like it to upload at what i cap it at, so internet is a bit faster

i hope you understand what im trying to say if you dont i will try to explain it agian


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It could remotely be a TCP-IP upload pipeline stalling due to delayed SYN-ACKs caused by high latency. (You seem to be in Australia, so I would imagine the latency to most peers/seeds could be 300+ ms.)

Unlimited upload speed "overcomes" this partially by not waiting for replies before sending the next packet, but as you found it has the drawbacks of slower internet web surfing.

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mm i looked at ur site doesnt really help me

if i set up unlimited it download as max speed like it should (100kb/s)

as soon as i set it to say (75kb/s) peers stop downloading kind of like it doesnt go over 40kb/se upload or it might but its goes low, than as soon as i change it to unlimited it goes to max again


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