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uTorrent stops downloading intermittently.


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I am facing a terrible problem.

I want to share lots of files ( > 500MB ) with my friends, and what other better way than BT?

So, I setup a new torrent using the following trackers :



This approach worked fine when I was using v1.8.3 and shared files. File sizes were then less than 300MB ( I did not need to share more )

Recently I upgraded to v1.8.4 and simultaneously, created a new torrent of > 500MB size.

Things were fine for the first few hours, but recently, the torrent just seemed to stop on its own.

Stopping and starting the torrent from the leechers side again resumed downloading but downloading stops again after some time (1 -2 mins) at the leecher's side.

For this torrent I have only 1 leecher.

Thinking it to be a problem with the version of uTorrent, I upgraded to v2.0 beta and thanfully the problem went away immediately.

Unfortunately, after the first time, it has now come back - so this seems to be a problem regardless of whether I am using v1.8.4 or v2?

Could you tell me how I can resolve this?

I would also like a link to v1.8.3 as I know this version works.

Can it be a problem with the trackers?

Both trackers show "working" on both my and friend's PC

This is a pure leeching operation - I am the seed and my friend is the leech. He will not upload anything to me. Can that be a problem?

This setup has worked so far, but now it seems to have decided not to behave well anymore.

My OS is Windows 2000 and friend's Windows Vista. There has been no change in the OS components or firewall (Outpost)/AV (NOD32) configuration.

I and my friend can download other torrents (from isohunt etc) just fine.

This problem is only with our own private torrent that my friend needs to start and stop every so often to make sure that downloading progresses, otherwise it stops completely!

Can this problem be related to http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=62816 ?

This problem seems to be intermittent (downloading is working fine again since I started typing this and no manual intervention was required)

Please help! (Also, how do I post a dump of my uTorrent preferences in text format? This might help troubleshooting)

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I don't know if the problems are the same.

...BUT copying between computers should work even if slow unless your ISP (or your friend/s) is hostile.

1st link in my signature has troubleshooting steps for Process Explorer (utorrent.exe DLL log) at the very bottom. Can you post that log?

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Switeck, just a clarification - should I post the Process Explorer log of utorrent.exe while the upload is working fine or when the upload is not working?

Also should I post only my log (I am the seed) or my friend's (he's the leech) or both?

We are across two different countries and ISPs, but none of our ISPs shape torrent traffic (other torrents work fine)

I appreciate the time you have put into writing the guides.

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