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When I upload with µTorrent my computer is clumsy


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Hi. I've been using µTorrent for many months but I notes that everytime I start all the torrents (downloading and sending) cause that my computer, when is playing any video or audio, sound and look defective with distortions. The video image distort, and the audio sound defective. Is like it was using all the CPU but that's not the case; µTorrent use low % of my CPU and low RAM memory at any moment.

When I pause all the torrents the problem stops.

Then I try to limit the upload rate to 3 Kbps and the problem stop. Right now I'm not having the problem because of this setting, but I want to upload (seeding) the torrent I already have and I cant because in the instant I high the upload rate the problem appear again.

My computer is Windows XP Pro SP3 updated, Pentium 4 HT, 2 GB of RAM, with all drivers updated.

The last version I try of µTorrent is 1.8.4 and I also try BitTorrent 6.2 that is very similar but it has the same problem.

I don't know why this happen but is the only application that cause this. Is strange that µTorrent cause this only when is uploading but is true. When is uploading at high rate, more frequent and annoying is the problem when I'm watching a video or listening music (no matter what player I use).

I can make a video-recording of my computer showing the problem and publish the video in youtube to show exactly whats the problem. Let me know if any of you want that. I'll do anything to help solve this.

I'm the only one with this problem?


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"What network adapter?": My network card is IEEE 802.11g Wireless Cardbus-PCI Adapter (I use Wi-Fi). Although I dont think it has something to do with my wireless card because I use internet with many applications and none of them cause this, except uTorrent and BitTorrent.

"What internet security?": My antivirus is Avira free edition, with Windows Firewall.

"Have you checked for driver updates for your network card or sound card?": Yes, all my hardware's drivers are updated.

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I dont know what chipset has my wireless card because it doesn't say in anywhere. The brand is Marvell.

I read some things in the links in your signature but nothing useful for my case. I try many other settings configurations (including the default) and nothing.

Any of you guys know someone having a problem like this because of the wireless card?

If the problem is caused by my wireless card, then I cant do anything to solve this right now. If one day I change the type of the internet connection I have (changing the wireless card or using a landline) I will see if the problem was caused by my wireless card.

Is a shame that I can only share 3 kbps uploading torrents at this moment.

Thanks guys for trying to help.

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